Beskjed fra Beitostølen booking.

Postet av Elin Naalsund den 5. Aug 2018

Beskjed fra Beitostølen innkvartering.

Condition & Terms Master World Cup Beitostølen March 2019




Regarding the prices in your confirmation attached, it will not be any additional taxes or government fees to these prices.

If you have booked apartments/cabins with halfboard included, all the bedrooms have to be in use in single or double occupancy based on what you have ordered. If you have cancellation and you are not able to fill up the apartment/cabin, we reserve the right to move the participant to a smaller apartment/cabin. If this is not possible, you will have to pay for the empty bedrooms as if they were single rooms.


Cancellation terms:

Free cancellation for the whole reservation until 1st October 2018. For later cancellation we will invoice 10% of the total reservation.

Until Friday 14th December 2018 you can reduce the reservation with 20% free of charge.

Until Wednesday 6th February 2019 you will be able to reduce the reservation with 10% free of charge.

After 20th February 2019 all cancellation have to be fully paid, and the participant will have to use their travel insurance for eventual refund.



Due 14th December 2018 – 30% of the total reservation.

Payment to Beitostølen Resort AS, Bygdinvegen 3812, 2953 Beitostølen

Account: 1594 35 29962

IBAN: NO8715943529962


Or by creditcard.

Final payment being  made on arrival at Beitostølen.



We kindly ask you to send the preliminary roominglist to us before 1st October.

Final roominglist within 14th December 2018. After 14th December we ask for ongoing updates.


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  • Elin Naalsund

    Beitostølen Booking sender også ut nye bekreftelser til folk med depositum innbetaling 14/12 og siste frist for fri avbestilling 20/2.

    05 august 2018

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